How to play Nerd Night Trivia

What is Nerd Night? This game is sure to be fun for everyone!! Every game will have 4-5 categories with at least one related to music. Most questions are multiple choice, but there are some fill in the blank questions. There are two ways to play! Classic and Online


Play as a team! Turn in an answer card after each question to the trivia host. Be quick, you only have until the end of the song! Prizes are awarded to winners in 1st, 2nd, 3rd and Last Place!


1) No googling only noodling! 2) All answers are final once turned in. Correct answer is arbitrated by host. 3) Song is over = time is up 4) Don't shout out answers 5) If you don't know the answer take a guess.

Bonus Points

You can earn bonus points in the classic game by answering the pre-game Nerd Nugget on instagram. Bonus points are awarded for style, singing and dancing.

Song Requests

Request a song by writing it on your answer card! Send a tip to your Trivia Host with the song request button below.


Play on your phone! Create a nickname and challenge the whole bar and your friends. Take the QR code shown on the TV with your phones camera. Or go to in your web browser and enter the code shown on the bottom of the TV screen. You only get a little time to answer, the longer you wait, the lower your score!

Click here to play!!

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